What makes Dan Design Different?

We rebrand and build websites for lead-gen!

B2B. B2C. Products vs services. The differences DO matter. Our specialty is delivering the experience your prospects expect.

We redesign brands for your customers first

Your website is a tool for your website visitors. Let's make sure your website is speaking to them.

We rebrand websites to fit within your sales cycle

Should your website give your sales staff an assist or should it close deals itself? Let's make sure your website fulfills its role.

How do I rebrand my website?

Research & Strategy

Stage 1: Research & Strategy

Before you can build a successful website that your customers are going to love, we need to discover all the who, what, where, and why's...

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Branding & Logo Design

Stage 2: Branding & Logo Design

Your logo and brand should connect with your customers and scale across all your marketing initiatives. We'll evaluate, consult, and help you re-build your brand to do just that.

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SEO & SEM Strategy

Stage 3: SEO & SEM Strategy

Let's give your website it’s best chance to rank higher in the search results and increase visibility with a robust SEO strategy.

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Website Marketing Strategy

Stage 4: Website Marketing Strategy

Great website marketing starts with delivering quality content that answers your customers' questions. We’ll help you engage your customers in a very real way.

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Website Design / UI & UX

Stage 5: Website Design / UI & UX

Your website visitors demand an intuitive experience from your website. We'll deliver a UI & UX that establishes trust and is easy to use. Your website will engage your visitors and guide them to the end zone!

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Web Development

Stage 6: Web Development

There’s nothing like owning a website that is built specifically for your unique workflow. Your website will be simple to manage and coded to make the search engines smile.

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Micro-business or beta program

The perfect website for the

Micro-business or beta program

You’re busy running your business. Your website should take the marketing burden off your shoulders so you can focus on what you do best.

I'm a micro-business
Growing startups

Flexible web design for

Growing startups

Just because you’re labeled a small business doesn’t mean you are small. SMB’s have to be flexible, and so should your website.

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B2B SaaS companies with a marketing team

A powerful marketing tool for

B2B SaaS companies with a marketing team

If you have a dedicated marketing and sales staff tasked with monthly lead-gen quotas, then you need a website that gives them the control to market efficiently and competitively.

I have a marketing team