If your website isn’t easy to 
use, then what good is it?

Custom Code That’s Easy To Manage

If your website isn’t easy to use, then what good is it?

Your website will be optimized to meet all of Google’s recommended best practices - making your website fast and technically sound.

It’ll also be custom coded to meet your unique needs. Easy to manage and simple to use with a customized Wordpress backend.

Technical SEO

From validated code to ensuring you’re properly using H1 tags, including schema markup, and ensuring the proper social meta data is correct - your website will be coded to just work without ever having to worry.

Fast & Optimized

If it’s slow, then it bl... well, its’ not good.

Your website will be tested against Google Page Speed Insights and Yslow to ensure your site is moving as fast as possible.

Wordpress CMS

Custom coded themes with a personalized admin will make managing your website a breeze.

We make our Wordpress sites fast, secure, and extra easy to use... oh, and we’re not plugin happy - we keep those to a bare minimum.

Your website will look great
and it will perform great. We
make sure to prove it.

Measuring & Optimizing

Your website will look great and it will perform great. We make sure to prove it.

Managing your online presence with the entire Google Suite is important.

Measuring, analyzing, and optimizing is arguably even more important. We make sure you can easily do it all.

Google Suite Integration

There are a host of tools you need to properly manage your online presence.

From Google Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager, Business Listings, and more. You’ll be integrated with all of them.

Heat & Click Mapping

Google Analytics is great, but it’s only part of the user behavior picture.

With heat and click mapping you’ll get to see exactly what the user is doing on every single page.

3rd Party Integration

Facebook Pixel? Adwords Conversion Tracking? Linkedin Ad Services?

We make sure your 3rd party services are hooked up and tracking properly.

Building Your Website / Stage 6

Website Development

If Google doesn’t love your website, then you’re in trouble. We make sure your codebase is rock solid and ready to run with the best of them.

  • Have all 301 / 302 redirects and 404 errors been resolved?
  • Are technical SEO best practices being followed?
  • Does every page have the proper meta data for social sharing implemented?
  • Is the website properly encrypted with https without any mixed content errors?
  • Are all the images optimized?
  • Are all the coded files minified, concatenated, and optimized?
  • Does the website code pass validaiton and speed tests?
  • Is the website environment properly secured and up-to-date?
What will make or break your website design?

Most common website development questions

I have developers on staff, can you skip this stage?


We can work with your on staff resources in whatever capacity is beneficial to the project. We can also deliver all the research, assets, and high fidelity mockups at this stage for your staff to implement.

I prefer a different content management system (CMS), can you use _______ instead of Wordpress?

Unfortunately, no. We can hand off the project at this stage for your own staff resources to code and implement on your preferred platform, but Dan only codes websites using Wordpress.

We’re a niche shop who has specialized in Wordpress. We’ve done this because we love WP’s universal support, our fully managed hosting partners, and it’s sticky-less nature for our clients – we want you to stay with us because you want to, not because you’re tied to our codebase.

I’ve heard that lots of web design agencies recycle the same pre-built theme when they code, do you custom code or use pre-built themes?

We do not use pre-built pre-bought themes unless you request us to do so – for some of our clients, custom design isn’t that necessary and they prefer to maximize their spend into their strategy and content.

We custom code every theme we make. We do not use foundation, bootstrap, or any other framework. We also do not use Genesis, Thesis, Divi, or any other Wordpress framework.

We do have and use our own starting codebase. This gives us everything we need, nothing we don’t. This means our coding time is maximized building your custom theme and not reinventing the wheel, stuck modifying an existing framework, or time-consumingly stripping out features we don’t need.

Our codebase is fast, secure, and bloat-free.

Do you use a lot of plugins to make your themes work?

Using plugins with Wordpress is inevitable, however we avoid them as much as possible. Generally, we only use Yoast SEO for SEO, Disqus for commenting, Ninja Forms for forms.

Other plugins we use often will be SumoMe for social sharing, Wisitia for Wistia video integration, and Drift or Crisp for live chat.

We do our best to avoid any and all plugins that influence design, layout, or page creation/modification. These tend to be resource heavy, hard to manage/use, and can introduce potential security issues.

Unless it’s a “can’t live without” then we do without.

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So, what kind of website do you need?

It’s never a one-size fits all solution!

A solo-professional needs a completely different marketing solution than an established business with an in-house marketing team. Make sure you’re getting a website that is tailor-made for your business marketing objectives!