If your business website is going to succeed, it needs to be branded FOR your customers. Here’s how that’s done.

Research & Strategy

Stage 1

Research & Strategy

Before you can build a successful website that your customers are going to love, we need to discover all the who, what, where, and why's...
Here are the highlights of what this stage will include.

  • Auditing your industry's digital landscape
  • Analyzing your current market position
  • Building your customer personas
  • Mapping out your buyer's journey
  • Identifying your competitors positioning
  • Clarifying your value propositions
  • Defining your goals
  • Understanding your customers goals
  • Identifying all the obstacles
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Branding & Logo Design

Stage 2

Branding & Logo Design

Your logo and brand should connect with your customers and scale across all your marketing initiatives. We'll evaluate, consult, and help you re-build your brand to do just that.
Here are the highlights of what this stage will include.

  • Logo audit and consultation
  • Creative direction & brand management
  • Custom graphics pacakge
  • Detailed style guide
  • Logo design and rebranding
  • Custom illustrations and brand styles
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SEO & SEM Strategy

Stage 3

SEO & SEM Strategy

Let's give your website it’s best chance to rank higher in the search results and increase visibility with a robust SEO strategy.
Here are the highlights of what this stage will include.

  • Analyze current keyword rankings
  • Define best performing content
  • Audit current backlink profile
  • Audit SERP positions
  • Implement onsite technical SEO
  • Develop link building strategy
  • Identify keyword opportunities
  • Conduct competitor keyword research
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Website Marketing Strategy

Stage 4

Website Marketing Strategy

Great website marketing starts with delivering quality content that answers your customers' questions. We’ll help you engage your customers in a very real way.
Here are the highlights of what this stage will include.

  • Map out keyword strategy
  • Preserve and optimize existing SEO
  • Clarify CTA strategy
  • Audit evergreen content
  • Develop a long-term growth strategy
  • Build out a landing page plan
  • Assist lead magnet resource development
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Web Design / UI & UX

Stage 5

Web Design / UI & UX

Your website visitors demand an intuitive experience from your website. We'll deliver a UI & UX that establishes trust and is easy to use.
Here are the highlights of what this stage will include.

  • Site architecture & sitemaps
  • Wireframed layouts
  • Custom high fidelity designs
  • Friendly user interface design ( UI )
  • Data-driven user experience ( UX )
  • Responsive layouts
See what’s included in the Web Design UI/UX Stage
Web Development

Stage 6

Web Development

There’s nothing like owning a website that is built specifically for your unique workflow. Your website will be easy to manage and coded to make the search engines smile.
Here are the highlights of what this stage will include.

  • Implementation of technical SEO
  • Custom Wordpress theme development / code
  • Hosting & migration support
  • Fast & optimized codebase
  • 3rd Party app integrations
  • Google product suite integration
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Resist the urge to skip the process and cut corners!

When you skip the process, you’re all but guaranteed to commit two of the biggest website mistakes you can make!


The most common problem that causes new websites to fail is forgetting who the website is for and what they need from the website.

So, what kind of website do you need?

It’s never a one-size fits all solution!

If you're a solo-professional, you need a completely different marketing solution than an established business with an in-house marketing team. Make sure you’re getting a website that is tailor-made for your business!