Let’s keep and optimize any SEO equity you already have

Auditing Your Existing SEO Equity

Let’s keep and optimize any SEO equity you already have

Whether you’ve actively done SEO or not, your website is ranking and showing in the search results.

We need to know which pages are ranking, how high, and for what keywords.

If we don’t audit, you are likely to lose what SEO equity you do have when any new website changes occur.

Keyword Rankings

Google automatically ranks every one of your website pages with short and long-tail keywords.

Let’s make a list of what’s being ranked and how high.

Performing Content

Some of your website content may be performing differently than you expect.

Let’s find out what content needs to stay, change, or disappear.

Backlink Profile

One of the most valuable SEO ranking metrics are your backlinks, those are links from other websites that point to your website.

We can’t afford to lose these. Let’s identify every single one of them.

Get a plan to keep your SEO competitive for the long-term

Discovering Your SEO & SEM Opportunities

Get a plan to keep your SEO competitive for the long-term

Your website’s page rank can change daily.

Realize, you’re in a competition against algorithm changes and other websites who are trying to take your spot.

You need a plan that will help you make offensive moves to the top and keep you there.

SERP User Intent

Let’s take your list of keywords and discover the searcher intent. What kind of content are they looking for?

Targeting the right keyword with the wrong content is a waste.

Competitor Keywords

What keywords do you and your competitors both rank for? Which ones do they rank for and you dont, or vice versa?

Let’s discover your strengths and find their weaknesses.

Keyword Opportunities

What keywords are going to be easy wins or expensive losing battles?

Let’s find the content gaps and capitalize on the opportunities your competition is missing.

Technical SEO

Your website’s code base will have every recommended SEO best practice Google has ever mentioned.

We’ll coach you on how to get the most out of it with your content.

Content Marketing

Content is what gets your website to rank. Content is what engages users.

By understanding the user intent with certain keywords, we can now build a targeted content strategy for boosting your SEO positions.

Link Building

There are hundreds of ranking metrics. Other websites that link to your content is one of the top 3 metrics.

We’ll help you build a strategy for acquiring more links in a style that fits your business model.

Building Your Website / Stage 3

SEO & SEM Strategy

You need to increase your traffic, broaden your exposure, and improve your overall positions. A well researched SEO & SEM strategy helps make that easier.

  • How many unique URLS is Google indexing?
  • Do you have any indexing or crawl errors?
  • Do you have Google Analytics & Search Console properly integrated?
  • Are canonical URL's being used?
  • Do you have any broken internal / external links?
  • Do you have an xml sitemap?
  • What are you traffic stats? (sessions, bounce, time on page, page depth, etc...)
  • What are your traffic sources?
  • How many referring domains do you have?
  • What does your backlink profile look like?
  • What are your top organic keywords?
  • What are your top referring content pieces?
  • Do you have an error free robots.txt file?
What will make or break your website design?

Most common website design questions

How can SEO improve my sales and lead generation?

You just asked a question they write books about. Entire industry leading blogs are dedicated to this single question and topic.

Instead of giving you a short, helpless, answer, do us and yourself a favor. Click on the FAQ box at the bottom of the list and ask us your real question, the one that is specific to the problem you’re facing right now. We’d prefer to tailor this answer to your specific needs.

We’ve already hired an SEO agency, I don’t think we need this step. Can we skip it?

If you’ve hired a good SEO agency and they are doing their job, then this will help, but no, this stage cannot be skipped.

An audit is still necessary. We need to make sure that none of their work will be lost and your long-term strategy is primed and optimized for your future endeavors.

Can’t you just use a plugin to do SEO?

Yes and no.

Yes, you can and we do use Yoast SEO for Wordpress to make SEO easier, but this is a tool that gives you easier access to do SEO. It does not do SEO for you.

SEO is the optimization of your onsite content to maximize exposure with the search engines. At the most basic level, this is ensuring you’re using the best keywords and content on each page.

I’ve hired and tried SEO in the past and I never saw any ROI, how do I know you’re not just taking my money?

First, if that’s true, we feel your pain. There are a lot of snake-charmers out there and a lot of companies who do a good job for some but not for everyone. You have our sympathy.

Second, SEO is imperative, but it’s not a black box only a few can do. At its core, it’s simply following a set of best practices that Google has defined themselves.

What we’re primarily concerned with is your website’s technical application of SEO best practices. This involves your codebase and how you’re practically inserting your website copy into your website’s HTML markup.

Our next concern is to help you develop a long-term strategy that you can do on your own. We will find out your needs and develop a plan that you can follow along with an easy methodology on how to monitor your own progress so you can see it working.

Do you have another question? Click here and ask away!

So, what kind of website do you need?

It’s never a one-size fits all solution!

A solo-professional needs a completely different marketing solution than an established business with an in-house marketing team. Make sure you’re getting a website that is tailor-made for your business marketing objectives!