Using Design To Communicate With The Busy Etailer Managers Of The World.

The Challenge

SearchSpring is a premium site search and merchandising SaaS solution for etailers. The lower end of the market is becoming commoditized and the high-end is more competitive every month. Their problem, how do you generate trust and the superiority of your product in such an environment.

The Outcome

A complete overhaul of existing brand messaging, design, website, and marketing collateral. Every asset was restructured to communicate to the sophisticated expectations of Enterprise- Level Etailer Directors.

Project Scope

Web Design and Development
Collateral Design

Built under employment of B7 Interactive

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Together we defined the primary customers we needed to target. We analyzed their needs and pain-points. This allowed us to understand what website solutions would be the most effective way to connect them.

Customer Profiles


SearchSpring is a premium brand that needs to attract growing and established etailers. To get the attention of these busy etailers, SearchSpring’s new website had to resonate with their targeted users. This defined how the website would look, perform, and act.

SearchSpring Web design
SearchSpring Custom Web DesignSearchSpring Website Design
SearchSpring Mobile Friendly Website
SearchSpring Responsive Web Design
SearchSpring Mobile Friendly Responsive Web Design

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