Unifying Mascot Suite Branding By Maturing Alternate Spirit Marks

The Challenge

The IUPUI Athletics Department is committed to providing a first-rate athletics experience to all student-athletes. They commissioned Dan to redesign their alternate spirit marks. They were and are extremely happy with the build of their primary mark, but every alternate mark was lacking in the same professionalism IUPUI required. Dan helped IUPUI unify their suite of mascot marks.

Project Scope

Logo Design

IUPUI Jaguars Primary Logo

The Alterante Full Body Jaguar

IUPUI wanted their alternate Jaguar mark to match the their primary shield mark in it’s organic nature. They were extremely dissatisfied with their current Jaguar mark. They felt as if the body was clunky and the head had been merely slapped on as if it were an after thought.

IUPUI Jaguar Before
IUPUI Jaguar Mascot Design After
The Primary Wordmark

The primary wordmark created man production nightmares for the IUPUI marketing team. Legibilty was an issue, and the asymetrical nature of the wordmark left associated collateral equally disjointed.

IUPUI wordmark design before and after
The Alternate Wordmark

The IUPUI atheltic dept. wanted to grow their wordmark suite to support each sport and team within their department.

IUPUI Athletic Department Wordmarks
IUPUI wordmarks

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