Upgrading Spirit Mascot For Better Brand Alignment Within University Family

The Challenge

Indiana University Kokomo approached Dan Design and commissioned a redesign of their primary spirit mark. Their primary concern was two fold. They wanted to modernize their look to better fit within their university system lead by IUPUI, meanwhile retaining their independence with a strong recognizable brand of their own.

Project Scope

Mascot Design

IU Kokomo Cougar Head Before
Indiana University Cougar Head After
IU Kokomo Cougar Primary Mascot Before
Indiana University Cougar Primary Mascot After

The Process

The First Stage

Indiana Univeristy Kokomo originally wanted to explore a 3/4 isometric design for their primary Cougar head spirit mark.

IU Kokomo Cougar Head Isometric Options
The Second Stage

After a substantial exploration process, Indiana Univeristy Kokomo’s Marketing and Athletic departments settled on maintaing the Cougar spirit marks original orientation of a full frontal view.

IU Kokomo Cougar Head
The Third Stage

Once the primary Cougar full frontal view was finalized, the spirit mark was integrated into IU Kokomo’s primary shield spirit mark. Body orientations were explored during this stage.

IU Kokomo Cougar Primary Mascot Process Options
The Final Stage

The Cougar mark was finalized and production ready color options were prepared to complete a full mascot production ready suite.

Indiana University Kokomo Cougar Primary Mascot
Indiana University Kokomo Cougar Primary Mascot Color Options

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