How to target and convert the C-Level with your B2B SaaS marketing website

The website you need depends on if your prospects can convert autonomously or if they must contact a sales rep in order to become a paying customer.

Do you have a quick autonomous sales process?
Can users sign up, demo, start a free trial, integrate, pay, and become a customer without ever talking to a sales rep?


Do prospects have to talk to a sales rep before becoming a customer?
Do you have a lengthy sales and integration process?

This process is recommended for those B2B SaaS companies who have a sales process that requires a sales rep and do not allow for autonomous buying cycles.

Note: There are always outliers and exemptions to the rules. This process addresses the average behavior and expectations of your typical c-level.

This lets your marketing staff trust your website for the expected and spend their time targeting the exceptions and outliers with custom campaigns and unique landing pages.

Part 1

What you need to know before you can target the C-Level persona

When targeting the C-Level, you actually need to target two groups of people.

Part 2

How to target the Team Leader

The Team Lead needs to know your tool is going to do the job they need it to do without making their life worse.

Part 3

How to target the C-Level

C-Levels don’t care about your feature deck. It’s not what they’re looking at.

Part 4

How a C-Level will interact with your website

The typical C-Level prospect will engage with the site, initially, at a very high level.

Part 5

How to layout your B2B website for the C-Level

Just because it’s important to you, doesn’t mean it’s important to them.