How a C-level will interact with your website

The typical C-Level prospect will engage with your website, initially, at a very high level.

Things to keep in mind about C-Levels and their intent.

First and foremost, C-Levels have a job to do and no time to waste on BS.

Every one of them has been burned in the past, and every one of them has sworn that they’ll never be burned again.

They will not sift through your superfluous meaningless “value-driven” marketing language to see if can solve their problem.

Its a waste of their time.

They’re too busy for it.

Like, absurdly busy!

They have goals to achieve, yesterday, and “testing” the waters isn’t a consideration.

Waste their time. Beat around the bush. Ask them to do the work and figure it out for themselves…

They’ll bounce!

The initial engagement with a C-Level and your website is pretty quick.

C-Level’s hit a few highlights, and then decide to pass further investigation along to a team leader or bail completely.

They’re not going to dig into your content.

They’re not going to piece together your solution to see if it fits.

They’re not going to do the work for you.

The name of the game is reducing the cognitive load for them.

You have to give them what they want where they subconsciously expect it, or you’re in trouble.  

A C-Level has a very specific list of qualifiers that must be satisfied:

  1. Do you do _______?
  2. My team and I have been talking about _____ being a problem. You caught my attention. I’m here. Am I wasting my time?
  3. Perfect, you do ______.
  4. But… are you any good at it?
  5. Are you a good fit or am I too big/small?
  6. What does it cost?

C-Levels move quick. Headlines, validators, and clear navigation is key.

Initial page load view sets the tone.

Right off the bat, your C-Level needs to know they’re in the right place and they’re not wasting their time.

They need to know if you do “X”.

Can you solve their problem?

If they need a CRM, they need to know you’re a CRM solution, not a “top-rated customer experience platform.”

Ensure the language is hyper clear.

If you’re to err, err on the side of being obscenely boring and clear on what you do – then you can sell the exciting sexy value.

Make your content clear. Make it easy for them to know at a glance that you solve their problem.

Display your client roster logos. Let your C-Level prospect know they’re in good company.

Display your reviews, awards, and recognition badges. Show your prospect you’re not full of smoke and empty promises.

In a 1-2-3 punch that can be digested in less than than it takes them to bounce, you’ve instantly cleared your first 3 hurdles and given your c-level a reason to pay attention.

After the initial page view, rinse and repeat for all subsequent pages.

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